Adrian Leung


Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy for continuous improvement driven through change. It is a principal in which Adrian has adapted in his professional, personal, and academic life. Adrian is always looking out for new opportunities for development, supplementing his 5-year professional experience background in aviation and transportation, real estate consulting, and marketing and public relations with an extensive community involvement portfolio. Outside of work, Adrian is an avid-world traveller, photographer, and triathelete.

Adrian has an interdisciplinary academic background in management and humanities, with a MSc Airport Planning and Management degree from Cranfield University (Cranfield, United Kingdom) and a BA Human Geography degree from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada). His interdisciplinary academic background influences his approach to his work, systematically combining qualitative research analysis techniques from the arts and humanities with more quantitative technical research methods from finance and the sciences. Striver for kaizen, Adrian makes every effort to build upon his personal development by enrolling in classes and courses in order to supplement his academic and professional experience.